(REVEALED) 7 Jobs with Best Pension bracket (up to £46k a year) in The UK 2022



When one searches for a job online, what strikes the most?

Salary package.

How much of the population even think about- “How much pension will I get in this profession?”

Well, numbers are unexpectedly low!

The ultimate aim of having a job is to meet current requirements and adapt to uncertain situations like taking emergency loans for the unemployed in the UK. Most jobs offer good retirement opportunities, but the scenario is altogether different in terms of pension.

In the UK, the workplace pension differs from state pension schemes. State pensions stand at £9000 per year. It is insufficient for a family.

The employer contributes about 3% to a workplace pension, in which an employee puts at least 5% of his salary into the retirement account.

However, read the article if you are worried about your future and wish to grab the most promising job opportunity your way.

Big Pay-out Jobs with Good Pensions in The UK 2022

Some professions not only offer a great salary bracket but pension as well. Here are some jobs and professions that pay well both in terms of income and pension.

1)      Teacher

According to Pension Times statistics, “teachers dedicate up to 11.4% of their salaries to a pension or retirement account. And here, the employers add a colossal figure of 16.4% to the retirement income.”

Teaching is a noble profession and a respected one. And thus, it is credible too in terms of future planning.

For example, if a teacher earns £40000 a year, he could expect an annual pension of about £46,000 after retirement age. 

2)      Physician

After the pandemic, health has been regarded as a primary concern among UK civilians. It has been the worst sufferers of COVID-19. Physicians are not going anywhere soon.

They detect symptoms and provide preventive care to patients. The patients need to maintain a healthy diet and check-up routine. Physicians help suggest medicines and ensure the full course is attempted to recover quickly.

The public health care sector provides some offers with a lifelong retirement income for doctors, providing them with financial support throughout retirement age. It also includes other advantage funds like Career Average Re-Valuated Earnings (CARE) benefits for physicians. To qualify for the course, you need a bachelor’s in biology.

3)      Urban Planner

Urban planners are designated with the responsibility to manage town development, city development and country-side development. Apart from this, they also contribute to environmental and climatic change and spread awareness about the same through education.

The average salary of an urban planner in the UK is £37,000. For the development of cities and towns, urban developers research and analyze the locations and make informed decisions on the important aspects of city development.

Urban planners are employed as public workers and hence have a good pension and salary scheme. 

However, becoming the same does not require some specific skills, but you need to ensure a degree from the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) to become a chartered urban planner. General skills required for the role are analyzing, management, teamwork, a knack for detailing, and active listening.

4)      Pharmaceuticals: Sales, Scientist, Accounting

Pharmaceuticals is a significant industry where one can seek great retirement opportunities. An average salary of a pharmaceutical in London, UK, is £52,921. This estimate is an estimate provided by Glassdoor after researching the industry well.

Apart from this, the UK’s pharmaceutical market is among the top 10 global markets and holds up to 2.6% of the global pharmaceutical sector.

Pharmacists are in high demand in the UK, be it pandemic or some other concerns. As a Physician, it is also one of the promising career prospects both in terms of salary and pension. Glaxo Smith Kline is one of the most popular pharmaceutical companies in the UK.

5)      NHS workers

 According to sun.co.uk, NHS workers may receive 1/54th of their earnings and pay between 5% and 14.5% of their salaries.

The National Health Service (NHS) pays employees £27,390 a year. According to pay-scale statistics, NHS workers in the UK earn between £18,214 and £52,727 a year. Under this, the neuro-surgeon makes the most with an average salary of £98,339, and the Senior Health Care Assistant makes around £16,000 (average). 

6)      Police Officer

The primary aim and responsibility of a police officer are to maintain law and order in the city and protect lives and properties.

They patrol and ensure the safety of the neighborhood and limit the propensity of crimes in their presence. The UK has a lower crime rate than the rest of the world.

From conducting investigations every day to gathering the required evidence to prove them guilty, the job requires the best of both worlds – strength, and brain. They receive a pension as a police public service pension (PPSP) in the UK. The scheme is the fraction of the final salary in each year of service.

However, this professional does not require one to be a graduate. It would be great to have a bachelor’s degree. And you can even opt for a criminal justice or law enforcement degree to become a police officer.

To be a police officer, one needs to be quick-witted, actionable in approach and thinking, have strong communication, multi-tasking, professional, and have muscle strength. 

The average salary of a police officer in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland is between 20,880- 24,177, which may rise to 40,128 once one reaches the top scale.

In this, every pound a police officer dedicates to retirement will be paid as £12 lump-sum, and this could total up to £60,000 by the time one retires.

It means if you need a loan on benefits today from a direct lender, you can take one without a second thought, as you will have enough to have a comfortable retirement.

7)      Fire-Fighter

The primary duty of firefighters is keeping individuals safe during emergencies and ensuring the safety of property and lives. They operate, rescue victims from buildings, and help extinguish the fire. Apart from that, they also help in identifying the cause of the fire by inspecting the location.

The average salary of a firefighter is £25,757. It takes a grand vision and a detailed understanding of approaching an accident to become a firefighter. A firefighter could retire at 55 with £17,300, along with a deferred pension of £1,500.

So, these are some of the greatest pension-paying jobs or professions. Which of these do you think will work best for you?


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